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Title : What do we do when they say we're agile, but we're not?

Session host: Clinton Keith

Session overview:

  • Described "smells", or indications/patterns/practices that demonstrate that the agile values and principles are not being followed, even though management (they) say we are agile.
  • Revisited the core values, which are the point of being agile:
    • Promote creativity
    • Respect people
    • Support motivation
    • Trust/transparancy
    • Continuous improvement
    • Ownership
    • Collaboration
  • Discussed a matrix that would list typical smells in rows and have a column for each value that would indicate which value would be impacted by such a smell. Another list would indicate the likely output "smell" of impacting these values and "what could be done" to repair the damage and become more truly "agile".


Clint is going to create the "smells matrix" described above and share it with gathering attendees for input before publishing it.

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